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Why do not Rolex do not carry back the style.

Familiar with replica rolex watches people know that its watch is almost no back through. Prince swiss replica watches to the back watch, but has been discontinued, and know not many people, relatively small minority. Spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a mechanical rolex replica uk but can not see the movement, is simply Jin Yi night. So the problem came, like Rolex so cattle brand, why not do it? For Rolex almost do not do this, although the official did not give a clear reason, but many fans have their own views, and today I will say that my views. First of all, I think, out of the product style, positioning considerations, Rolex only a very small number of back through the watch available. A reference to Rolex, most people feel is reliable, reliable, reliable brand, style is also reliable. Reliable, precise and durable, these are Rolex's most shiny labels. In a word, Rolex is hard enough. Some people say that to do a Rolex men, internally and externally, low-key practical. Why not do it? Rolex's philosophy is simple: we are Rolex, we do not need to bare breast to prove himself. There are watch fans said, too conservative too with the times. But it is not, Rolex also tried to back through the watch, that is, the text of the Chelini Prince. But it turned out to be unsuccessful, no matter how well the collectors applaud, Prince is falling into the limbo, just a few people know the small minority Rolex watches. In fact, Prince is now discontinued, a secondhand Prince gold watch, 10,000 dollars will be able to hand, and the original platinum or Everose rose gold pricing $ 17,000, gold models priced at $ 15,500. Rolex do not do back to waterproof this point, because the back through the watch will affect the waterproof performance. This is a lot of fatigue are agree, and Rolex Oyster watches really never through the end. What is Oyster? Oyster is the Rolex invented the integration of the shape of the case, screw-in bottom cover and screw-type head design, that is Oyster. We all know that the biggest feature of the oyster watch is good waterproof performance, if the spin into the bottom cover into a transparent sapphire crystal glass will be what, it is not an oyster watch, waterproof performance will be worse (it is not difficult to understand , Is the integration of the seal is good or split it?). Even if not Oyster watch, back through the design of the watch will have a certain impact on the waterproof, the best proof is that the real diving watch will do back thoroughly. The above also said, reliable, accurate, durable are Rolex's label, Rolex is recognized as the most resistant to the mechanical watch. This is inextricably linked to the detection of Rolex. Each piece of Rolex Oyster watch assembly is completed, have to go through very strict pressure, water pressure and temperature test. Watch the shell, to be installed before the movement, and installed after the movement, were tested twice to ensure tightness. Which a large number of procedures, called "harsh". And if the watch back through the bottom, is bound to affect the durability of Rolex, and even some of its factory testing is not necessarily through. Because the back of the back of the material is now generally more for the sapphire crystal glass, this material wear-resistant anti-scratch, so the performance is very good watch, but the watch and the watch is different, the watch is more focused on strong and not strong, There will be scratches. Rolex factory inspection is "harsh", I guess, unless you can find the performance and metal can be comparable to the transparent material, it will not affect the durability of Rolex it And even if found, the cost may be higher than the metal. In addition, the back through the watch not only will actually affect the durability, it sounds like the feeling is not so resistant to gymnastics. Rolex is not done backpack may be out of cost considerations, decorative grinding will inevitably increase the fixed cost, but also with the pursuit of simple and stable pursuit of the concept of divergence. And if the increase in costs, consumers must pay, Rolex prices may rise. As mentioned in front of the Rolex rare back watch - Rolex Chelini Prince, the movement polished exquisite, also decorated, the same price is also much higher. I have always thought that this is one of the reasons why the Chelsea Prince is applauded. Rolex annual output of millions, selling the best of what is the best? Definitely not those platinum models, all-diamond models, but more basic watch models, the price is relatively low. Once there are workers said, if done back through the words, the cost must rise, the price will certainly rise, let us how these ordinary labor how to live? Rolex and Patek Philippe is different it is not so cold, the entry price is high but not can not afford, so the audience will be so wide, so high sales. Rolex is almost no back through the traditional respect, it does not grandstanding, do not follow the crowd, but stick to their own nature: practical. It is not without technology, but it knows what is their fundamental foothold, so we can always "once and for all." Some people think that the mechanical watch is not back through the brocade night, but some people like Rolex do not do this through. Some people say, "I do not understand why the pursuit of back through my eyes of Rolex, is to do their own, do not imitate others, do not follow the trend with the flow, always only care about the inherent precision, strong and durable." Some people say "Rolex Do not do thoroughly, so it is more mysterious, like a body wrapped tight beauty, will make people more curious. In addition, I think, Rolex do not do back to avoid the same series of second-hand market value of the impact. After all, hedge is also a major advantage of Rolex, although not Rolex deliberately, but I believe that Rolex can not know. Rolex has long ago had a back watch, Chelini prince series, but not successful. As for the Rolex will not be back through the watch, I think the possibility is not big. But with the company's Tudor new out of the North Flag is back through the watch, do not know the Rolex test the water, or Tudor's solo show?

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